Missio Dei Edison Park





We’re a new church, looking to start worship services in the fall of 2019.

Missio Dei Edison Park is a family of believers who have committed to living on mission in this neighborhood - joining GOD as HE makes all things new in Chicago.


Pray For Edison Park


Join us in praying for Edison Park. Use the map below to choose a block (blue circles indicate available blocks; red circles indicate claimed blocks). You can also choose to pray surrounding neighborhoods in which we hope to start future churches.

Let us know which block or neighborhood you've chosen, and follow us on Facebook for updates on your block or neighborhood, as well as news about Missio Dei Edison Park.

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Gospel Communities


Church is more than a once a week, Sunday morning experience. It is a family desiring to join GOD in his renewal of Chicago. We call these Gospel Communities. A small gathering of people who seek to abide in Jesus together, love each other as family, and live on mission. 

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 708.831.3686
Facebook: facebook.com/mdedisonpark
Instagram: @mdedisonpark

We believe God may be calling you to join us as we begin this new church.