About Missio Dei Humboldt Park



Our Vision Framework

THE MISSION // what we do
Making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood.

THE VISION // where we are going
Joining GOD as HE makes all things new.

THE VALUES // what guides us

We experience God's restorative power flowing into and mending the broken and hurting places, and we join the stream of this grand renewal project by making known the all encompassing love of Jesus in our neighborhood and city.

We affirm that every single person has immeasurable value because they are made in the image of God. Yet we live in a world where so many have their inherent dignity questioned and marred, often as a result of systemic injustices. In response, we will be a community of hope and action - seeking friendship and unity as we become reconcilers and advocates until all people in Chicago flourish.

We are liberated through the person and work of Jesus to unceasingly experience the Spirit's transformative power and presence, and as a distinct people marked by this freedom, we delight to behold and encounter the face of God as the Kingdom breaks in among us.



Our Team


David Wagner - Teaching & Vision
Julia Dixon - Prayer
Matt Latourelle - Justice






Doug Burge - Family
Zach Caddy - Worship
Jaclyn Latourelle - Justice
Alyssa Pleune - Community
Matt Schwerin - Prayer
April Wagner - Missio Dei Kids
Tarah Zuniga - Support

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