MD Kids

What we are doing on Sunday mornings is not babysitting. It's ministry. We are on mission to see the lives of children and families transformed by the Gospel.  What we do in Kid Kingdom builds upon our mission as a church to see disciples of JESUS made neighborhood by neighborhood and upon the Great Commission when JESUS said “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

It all starts with the Gospel- with the good news of JESUS. Then we equip our leaders to teach and lead in their unique roles within the ministry. Simultaneously, we equip the parents to thrive in their role as the spiritual leaders of their children.  And then we begin to see families transformed and then living on mission together. And what they are doing in their homes and what they believe in their hearts begins to trickle out and seep into the lives of others in their neighborhood. And then a neighborhood is transformed. And one by one we begin to see a city that is transformed by the Gospel.

This moves us past just what happens on Sunday mornings. The implications of this are far-reaching because it takes what we do within the four walls of our rooms on Sunday mornings and moves it out- into homes, into neighborhoods, into our city,and into the world.