Here you can listen to past sermons from our weekly gatherings at Missio Dei Lincoln Square. These messages are also available through our iTunes podcast.


Becoming the Beloved pt. V (Matthew 9:35-36) Brian Fulton | 10.14.18​
Sometimes it looks like the American church has lost the model of Jesus, more fixated on showing off our strengths, committed to our own survival, and winning in a competitive culture than displaying God's character to the world.  

The church must remember we are a community of the weak; recipients of God’s compassion. We must be moved by God's compassion in order to have eyes to see people and their need.


Becoming the Beloved pt. IV (John 4:1-13) Bam Stanton | 10.7.18
GOD has called us HIS beloved long before we called HIM FATHER. The outpouring of love is the expression of giving. In this humble act, we partner with what we have and trust obedience will bring much fruit. In our lives we are called to life more abundantly. As we yield to the work of the spirit and receive GOD'S love we find we have access to much more than we’ve ever imagined. Love and the abundance of GOD then begins to reshape the world according to HIS desires.


Becoming the Beloved pt. III Brian Fulton | 9.30.18
As we continue through our series, Becoming the Beloved, we wanted to address the centrality of prayer in becoming who we already are. Brian took us through the life of JESUS as HIS power and perspective usually came immediately after times of prayer and solitude. The early church continues this practice. Prayer is simply union with GOD and often we have strongholds of false images of GOD that keep us from engaging simply, honestly, and persistently with our FATHER. 


Becoming the Beloved pt. II Ashley Fulton | 9.23.18


Becoming the Beloved Brian Fulton | 9.16.18


Laying Back on the Beloved (John 13:21-26) Brian Fulton | 9.9.18




Sit Down  Bam Stanton | 9.2.18





Our Adversaries (1 Peter 5:5-11) Bam Stanton | 8.26.18


Our Community (1 Peter 4:7-11) Reid Gordon | 8.26.18


Our Obedience (1 Peter 4:1-6) Bam Stanton | 8.16.18


Our Witness (1 Peter 3:3-17) Gabriel Lerma | 7.29.18


Our Resistance (1 Peter 2:11-3:7) Reid Gordon | 7.22.18


Our Suffering (1 Peter 1:3-9) Josh Taylor | 6.22.18


Our Identity (1 Peter 1:1-2) Reid Gordon |  6.19.18