Church Planting

At Missio Dei, we are committed to joining GOD as HE makes all things new, making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood. For us, that means the broader Missio Dei movement has to be grounded in the localized neighborhood efforts of individual congregations throughout the city.  In order to be relevant to and present in each local context, we pray that GOD will continue to bring us church planters who will join us throughout the 77 neighborhoods of Chicago.

But why plant a church within an existing multi-congregational model such as ours?  Through experience and practice, we have discovered that we are truly better together than we could ever be apart, both relationally and logistically, as we make disciples of JESUS throughout the city.


We believe each local congregation has a unique vantage point to understand the pulse of their own community. It is with this understanding that each local congregation is trusted with great autonomy in how they live out the Missio Dei vision and mission for their specific congregation. But consider the support, accountability and encouragement that comes from others sharing that singular vision and mission, coming alongside one another for the furtherment of the Kingdom in Chicago!  Sharing experiences, ideas and passion allows us, as church leaders, to be deeply interdependent on one another as we join GOD for HIS glory.  Being better together means we all benefit when we’re invited to do ministry with others, and also trusted to lead as GOD calls us within our different contexts.  Missio Dei has been built on the balance of congregational autonomy with a broader church movement, and the result has been more powerful than any single congregation could have imagined.


Let’s be honest - there are endless details to attend to when starting a new church (not to mention maintaining it!), and most planters are starting out without staff support. However, if you plant a new work within our broader church family, you are able to leverage the resources of the larger church movement so you can focus on building your local congregation in a way that is healthy and sustainable. From payroll and benefits, to bookkeeping and legal requirements, our Central Services are a shared resource to all of our congregations.  Rather than creating systems and policies, you can step into an operating work, and spend your time leading out of your giftings and mission in your local context.  Additionally, Central Ministries allows you to focus on your congregation while allowing your leaders and partners to participate in events and resources that remind everyone that we are all a part of something bigger.  Whether you know you need support from fellow pastors who have gone before you, or know you desire community for your spouse and leadership core, stepping into a broader church movement allows for great autonomy married to an invaluable support structure.

However, beyond the infrastructure support provided by Central Services and Central Ministries, there are intangible benefits of collaborating with an established, multi-congregational church family.  As a new church planter, you are immediately ingrained into a community of pastors who are sharing sermon prep and series planning, collaborating in staff meetings with peer-to-peer coaching and shared best practices, caring for one another on professional and personal levels, supporting spouses in a structured ministry devoted to pastoral families, and pouring into ministry with arms linked together for GOD’s glory. You can step into your calling with the knowledge that you are not alone, as you pursue GOD’s will for your congregation and for Chicago!

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Our multi-congregational model allows us to be highly relational and deeply interdependent, with a shared Kingdom-focused vision as a united church in Chicago.

We are a group of people who love Jesus and love Berwyn. We desire to be a part of seeing renewal take place in our world, through making disciples of Jesus.

We love to support and encourage Chicago church plants, including those outside of the Missio Dei family of churches. We have been honored to be a part of the stories of these autonomous church plants: