Current Gospel Planting Work


Who we are

We are a group of people who love Jesus and love Berwyn. We desire to be a part of seeing renewal take place in our world, through making disciples of Jesus.

We are convinced that the Gospel changes people, and that this change thrives best in the context of relationships. For this reason, we invite you to join us as you are. Whether you join us on a Sunday, at a Gospel Community, or a You Are Loved event or just through personal relationships we love getting to know people, regardless of where you are in your faith journey.

Contact us:

If you have questions or would like to connect with us, please email [email protected].



Thank you for your willingness to partner with us through your financial support. Your support helps us as we live our our mission of seeing renewal take place.

There are two ways to give as outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

SNAIL MAIL: Simply mail a check to Missio Dei Chicago, with Berwyn in the memo line to 1242 W Addison, Chicago, IL 60613. Please make sure to put the appropriate memo on your check to help us allocate your gift properly.

ONLINE: Click the green button below to give via our online giving system, Give.Church, who provide a secure way to give via credit card, debit card or ACH (transfer of funds from a checking account). 

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Connecting with us


As followers of Jesus, one of the ways we live our identity in Jesus is sharing our time and talents through serving others. We are always looking for volunteers on a variety of teams, and we’d love to help you find out how you can best help out! If you are interested in serving please come and talk with us, or contact [email protected].

You Are Loved

The goal is simple. To serve people in very tangible ways with the love of Jesus. Sometimes we will make buttons or hand out water at community events. Sometimes it is as simple as making a homemade meal for a grieving family or a new mom. Regardless of the act, the desire is to let people know they are loved by us and loved by God!

Berwyn Gospel Communities

These are small groups of people who desire to do life together and grow closer to Jesus. Gospel communities meet on a routine basis, but more importantly become a place where you can be known, loved and become family.


MD Kids

About Kid Kingdom

What we are doing on Sunday mornings is not babysitting. It's ministry. We are on mission to see the lives of children and families transformed by the Gospel.  What we do in Kid Kingdom builds upon our mission as a church to see disciples of JESUS made neighborhood by neighborhood and upon the Great Commission when JESUS said “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Our aim is to shepherd the hearts and minds of our children by intentionally stewarding the time we have with them on Sunday mornings.  How do we do that?

It all starts with the Gospel- with the good news of JESUS. Then we equip our leaders to teach and lead in their unique roles within the ministry. We leverage our curriculum tools and resources to enhance the learning experience for the children so that the Bible is more than just a book of stories, but rather, a living testament to the God who made them, loves them, and longs to be in relationship with them.  

This moves us past just what happens on Sunday mornings. The implications of this are far-reaching because it takes what we do within the four walls on Sunday mornings and moves it out- into homes, into neighborhoods, into our city, and into the world.  We are doing more than reading stories and coloring pictures. We are joining the presence and ministry of Christ as He transforms our children.  It’s not babysitting. It’s ministry.

Simultaneously, we aim to equip our parents to thrive in their role as the spiritual leaders of their children.  Our hope and prayer is that we begin to see families being transformed and living on mission together as disciples of Jesus. Then what they are doing in their homes and what they believe in their hearts would begin to trickle out and seep into the lives of others in their neighborhood; in their school and work; bringing transformation to their neighborhood.  Soon, bit by bit, block by block, we begin to see a city that is transformed by the Gospel. This is how we join God as He makes all things new in our city.