The Hedge Family


Passion for the local church has stirred in both Bob and Erin’s hearts from a young age. Bob, a preacher’s kid, received a call to vocational ministry at age 14, and Erin turned the faithful heart of her parents serving the church into her own desire to serve God. Over the last 12 years of marriage, God has blessed Bob & Erin with three beautiful children: Harper, Lee, and Moses. He has also blessed them with opportunity after opportunity to be trained and equipped for the work to which he has called them. Whether in Birmingham, Chicago, Mississippi or Florida, God has been faithful to open doors, supply their every need, and provide the place and the people he has for them to serve.

Both Bob and Erin have served on ministry staff of churches throughout their marriage. Bob’s passionate leadership is rooted in sharing the Gospel, caring deeply for people, and seeking best practices to reach people far from God. Erin, an extroverted introvert, considers relationships her highest calling. She cares deeply about being a supportive wife, stay-at-home mom, and building intentional relationships, connecting people to the church through Gospel Communities. The call to plant a church has been growing in Bob and Erin for the better part of a decade, and they have been allowing God to train and equip them as they trusted Him each step of the way. They believe now is the time God has for them to plant Missio Dei in Chicago on the Northwest side, where they lived for five years from 2008-2013; starting their family there. With a huge love for the city, Bob and Erin are eager to return to plant this gospel work, and see more of the great people of Chicago come to trust Jesus.

Only 7% of people in Chicago identify as followers of Jesus. We feel a direct call by God to go and make disciples of Jesus, neighborhood by neighborhood, in this great city.

We believe God will supply our financial support through generous partners who give proportionally, purposefully, and painfully.

Proportional - a four year, monthly commitment.
Purposeful - a one-time gift of any amount.
Painful - a unique gift. (Gifts from savings, stocks, or from the sale of land or maybe selling some clothes on Poshmark or putting that family heirloom on Ebay.)

As we begin this work from the ground up, making disciples of Jesus neighborhood by neighborhood, your partnership makes an eternal difference.

We invite you to ask God how he is leading you to partner with us, and select the appropriate button below! If you have any questions, email us.


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Join us in praying for Edison Park. Use the map below to choose a block (blue circles indicate available blocks; red circles indicate claimed blocks). You can also choose to pray surrounding neighborhoods in which we hope to start future churches.

Let us know which block or neighborhood you've chosen, and follow us on Facebook for updates on your block or neighborhood, as well as news about Missio Dei Edison Park.

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