Our Multi-Congregational Model


Why did Missio Dei decide to follow a multi-congregational model?  

We experience several key dynamics that help us as we share the Good News of JESUS in our urban setting.  We are able to be on mission that is both local (unique to a specific context), and also city-wide (working together as one church in Chicago).  As we’ve lived this out, we’ve found that we truly are better together!  We work as a family of incarnational neighborhood congregations who collaborate around one singular vision for the renewal of our city.  This multi-congregational model allows us to be highly relational and deeply interdependent, with a shared Kingdom-focused vision as a united church in Chicago. 

How is the leadership structured at Missio Dei?

Because we follow a multi-congregational model with sites throughout the city, our leadership is structured to support, equip and empower each congregation, while still honoring shared spiritual direction and oversight. How do we do that?  With an amazing group of Neighborhood Elder Teams, the oversight of a Directional Elder Team, and the support of Central Services & Ministries.

Our Directional Elder Team stewards the mission of the church city-wide.  They prayerfully seek GOD’s direction for the overall movement of Missio Dei Chicago, and serve as the spiritual overseers of the congregations.

Each of our Neighborhood Elder Teams steward the mission of Missio Dei in their own unique context. They are overseers of their local church, and guide their own leadership teams as they bring the Good News to their neighborhood.

All of this is supported by Central Services and Ministries, which is an administrative and communications hub shared by all congregations. Central Services provides the administrative backbone of Missio Dei, including accounting and financial management, human resources, legal and risk management, media production and communications. Central Ministries generates shared resources, provides logistical support on church-wide events and shared collaborative ministries.