Since the COVID-19 pandemic is only growing and CDC has recommended not having in-person gatherings of over 50, we will continue to practice church differently for the foreseeable future. During this time it will be easy to feel isolated, anxious, depressed and far from God. I want to encourage you to dive into the opportunities to grow and experience the community even while not being in person.


YouTube Channel 

Every Sunday we will upload a video sermon on our Youtube channel. We will also provide reflection questions for individuals and families to work through after the message. If you want to listen to the sermon on the go we will also be uploading the sermon on our iTunes account. 

YouTube Channel 

Recieve/Get Help 

Some of you are struggling right now (emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially) and need help. Others are in a position to help people in this season. If you need help during this time or want to help others in this season you can fill out this form: This form can be shared with people outside our church as well. 


Barnabas Fund 

As a church, we desire to support one another through difficult financial times such as this. If you are struggling financially due to the closing of businesses and schools, please don't hesitate to contact the Barnabas Fund Team at [email protected]. This team will work with you to decide how we can best support one another.  If you would like to support the Barnabas Fund, follow the link below.

Give to Barnabas

Zoom Community 

Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm we offer Zoom Communities. These will last about 45 minutes and be a place for people to share how they are doing, pray and hear encouragement from one another. Sundays, at 10:30 we offer a zoom call to discuss the sermon with reflection questions. There is also a Zoom Community for our youth group Wednesdays at 3:30 pm.

Zoom Link

245 List

Members of Missio Dei set up the 245List several years ago as a way for people within the Missio Dei family to share needs and help each other. We invite you to join and use this list for this purpose now. The list is only for individuals, not mass commercial needs, so please only share needs or opportunities for yourself or people you know directly. It is not a place for advertising, for broad fundraising, or for preaching, but it is a place for offering, sharing, giving and connecting. Please reach out to [email protected] to join, or with questions about how to use the group. 



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