21 Days of Prayer

21 Days of Prayer has become a critical biannual practice for Missio Dei Wrigleyville. Throughout the month of January, we will be diving into communal prayers, discussions and sermons about what we have been learning in the last quarter of 2019 regarding how GOD is leading us into our next season of ministry. 

The 21 Days of Prayer, January 13 - February 2, will be focused on 3 themes we are discerning as a church. These themes will flow directly out of the Feedback Group’s discussions, our partner meetings, and the prayers and discernment of the elder team. 

We hope that devoting 21 Days of Prayer to these themes will open our eyes and ears more than ever before to what GOD desires to do in and through us. 

We will dedicate 1 sermon to each of these themes. 7 daily prayers for each theme will be written by members of our community and sent out via our 21 Days of Prayer email list. We will also host 3 nights of prayer to press in further upon each of these themes (Saturdays at 5p at 1242 W Addison, January 18 & 25. February 1st location TBA).

We invite and exhort you into taking this time and practice of prayer seriously! 

Waiting on the LORD, making our requests known to HIM, and discerning together what HE would have us do is the work of the people. It is the implementation of the belief that the SPIRIT of GOD speaks to and through all of HIS people, especially as they unite their hearts, words and bodies in rhythms of prayer.

Prayer is not an attempt to fit GOD’s will to ours, but to fit our will to GOD’s.

So as partakers and contributors in our particular local family of GOD, we call you to invest yourselves into this dedicated period of prayer. We need every person to lean in, to wait on the LORD, and help us discern how HE will include us in HIS work of renewal in our church and in our city for 2020 and for years to come.

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