Ashland Ave & Addison St

Who & When & Where  |  

Jameson & Allison Allen  /

 Sundays @ 5:30pm

Spiritual Culture  |  

We focus on living sacrificially for one another and how that can impact our neighborhoods and city. We're highly relational in that we often focus on our own relationship building & fellowship over structured studies and disciplines. At the same time, our commitment to growing in our faith is what drives the relationship-building. Every week: expect a good meal and good conversation. Some weeks: we'll take a more structured dive into a recent sermon or book, spending time in discussion, asking meaningful questions, or in prayer.

Current Demographic  |  

Beautiful, diverse mix of families, couples, and singles, all of various ages. We're also distinctly diverse in terms of our nationalities, with folks who grew up in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America & Central America. We love having the vast range in ages, backgrounds, and life stages, and the varied perspectives that range brings to our family.