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Beau and Jessica Pieniak  /

1315 W. Belden

 Wednesday nights @ 6:30


Spiritual Culture  |  

We are a family doing life together and inviting those into the family all the time Because of who Jesus is.... We are missionaries sent to love our neighborhood and share the good news of God’s story Because of who Jesus is..... We are learners being transformed by the gospel and being equipped to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples Because of who Jesus is..... We are servants blessing our neighbors with acts of kindness and generosity Everything we do as Gospel Communities is in the rhythm of our new identity and designed to encourage and equip us to walk in it. This is happening with those who are new to the faith, been walking in the faith for years or those exploring for the first time the claims of Jesus. As more disciples are made and more families grow, new Gospel Communities are formed and they continue in the mission of Jesus throughout the city. We are more than just another voice of reason or bearers of good counsel. We are the space of which heaven and earth overlap, “shining like a city on a hill”, Jesus said. We are the place where God is making His loving appeal until the kingdom of God comes to Chicago as it is in