Pilsen and Lakeview

Who & When & Where  |  

Bethany Squires, Clay Kamaleson, and Nicky Hackett  /

Mondays from 7-9pm

Belmont and Halsted (Lakeview), Cermak and Ashland (Pilsen)

Spiritual Culture  |  

Each week our GC shares a meal together in the first hour of our gathering, and then for the second half of the night we share in a discussion of some sort together. Our GC loves to have open and honest discussion, is not afraid of asking questions and hearing a diverse range of responses, and values challenging and encouraging each other to grow in our understanding of and relationships with God. We desire to be Kingdom-focused, and are learning what it looks like to be a family of God in Chicago.

Current Demographic  |  

We have students and young professionals, aging from 20- to young 30-somethings, our group is about half single, and half newly-weds.