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The Missio Dei app is here and we are excited about it! You can find all the latest news, sermons, ministries and how to get connected on the App. Additionally, there are features for your personal devotion --  Bible reading, guides, meditations, playlists and more!

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Getting Connected

We encourage you to engage with the life of our church by getting involved in our men’s, women’s and mom’s events, as well as our Community Cares meal team! Email [email protected] and tell us which email list(s) you'd like to be added to in order to find out what’s happening throughout the month!

Women's Night: August 21
Mom's Night: August 29


Want to be baptized or find out more about it? Sunday, September 8 we’ll celebrate with brothers and sisters who are engaging in this beautiful, ancient practice of being immersed in CHRIST’s death and raised into HIS resurrection. If you’re interested in baptism, or would like to meet with someone about being baptized, visit our website NEWS page to sign-up!
When: Sunday, September 8
Sign Up: click here to sign up:



Backpacks for Blaine

Missio Dei will be providing backpacks for children that attend Blaine School. Please sign up in the foyer after service. Backpacks need to be delivered to 1242 W Addison by Sunday August 25.
When: Sunday, August 4-25
Where: Missio Dei Foyer
Contact/Info: email [email protected]

Child Dedication

The child dedication is a special occasion set aside for parents and their guests to mark GOD's goodness and thank HIM for the blessings that HE gives through children.  Parents are invited to dedicate their children by publicly professing their commitment to raise their children in GOD's Word and point them to relationship with JESUS.  
When: Saturday, November 9 @ 10:00-11:30am / Sign up before October 1
Where: 1242 W. Addison
Sign Up:

Enneagram and the Way of Jesus

This unique spiritual formation workshop is designed to guide participants into a deeper spiritual pathway.  The Enneagram personality theory has access one’s personality, revealing areas for further growth and deeper maturity.  Rather than exclusively focusing on strengths, the Enneagram personality theory also helps identify areas of one’s brokenness.  This workshop will help participants assess their “Type”, and then develop a personalized formation pathway toward life transformation. 
When: Saturday, October 19 @ 9:00a-12:45p
Where: 1242 W Addison


9am Prayer

This is a time set apart to come together and quiet ourselves before the Lord in joy, praise and expectation of what He is doing and wants to do in and through a people who are passionate about Him and aligning with the work of His Spirit.
When: 9am every Sunday
Where: Prayer room
Contact: email [email protected]


Brick Room

We have equipped a room downstairs near the women's restroom where live audio and video is streaming during our Sunday morning gatherings. This room is available for parents who'd like to take advantage of a quiet room while still remaining connected to the gathering. Children are always welcome in our gatherings in the sanctuary. But if you need or desire some space for you and your child, you're welcome to use this room!