Welcome to Missio Dei Wrigleyville!


Welcome and NEXT

Are you new, visiting, or just curious about who Missio Dei is and how to get involved? NEXT is the place to find out about our church family and how we envision our life together as a community of Jesus.  Join us for NEXT, the 1st and 3rd Sunday every month after the gathering in the overflow room!





Who We Are

Missio Dei Chicago began in 2008 with a heart to see people find a love and passion for Jesus and His work of renewal in our world.  In light of that desire, our mission is very simple...make disciples of Jesus.  This is our mission because it is JESUS’ mission.  This is...Missio Dei.

We are convinced that the GOSPEL changes people, and that this change happens best in the context of relationships. For this reason, Missio Dei is a church of GOSPEL communities doing life together throughout the week. Then on Sundays, these GOSPEL Communities come together to worship as neighborhood congregations in five different locations.

In our Sunday Gatherings and GOSPEL Communities, you will find those who have journeyed with JESUS for a long time, those who have strayed from Him and returned, and those who are just now learning there is a journey to be had. Wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to join us.


Our Vision Framework

THE MISSION // what we do
Making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood.

THE VISION // where we are going
Joining GOD as HE makes all things new.

THE VALUES // what guides us

We experience God's restorative power flowing into and mending the broken and hurting places, and we join the stream of this grand renewal project by making known the all encompassing love of Jesus in our neighborhood and city. 

We affirm that every single person has immeasurable value because they are made in the image of God. Yet we live in a world where so many have their inherent dignity questioned and marred, often as a result of systemic injustices. In response, we will be a community of hope and action - seeking friendship and unity as we become reconcilers and advocates until all people in Chicago flourish.

We are liberated through the person and work of Jesus to unceasingly experience the Spirit's transformative power and presence, and as a distinct people marked by this freedom, we delight to behold and encounter the face of God as the Kingdom breaks in among us. 


Our Team


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Jameson Allen
Wrigleyville Elder





Jason Pucker
Wrigleyville Elder





Dave Van Winkle
Uptown Elder & Interim Wrigleyville Elder





Melissa Pillman
Wrigleyville Elder






Ali Seely
Soul Care Deacon
Ali serves our community in multiple functions. First, she leads and hosts our ladies’ sabbatical, where she opens up space and offers equipping as needed to guide our women through an intentional time of connection with the LORD. Second, she leads our “community cares” initiative, in which she organizes meals and care for people going through intense situations, such as illness or birth of a baby.

Brandon Blessman
Deacon of Worship and Liturgy 
Brandon serves as a curator and creator of worship and liturgy - the specific thingswe do when we gather as a church and who plays a role in leading and carrying those things out. While he and his wife, Rachel, are preparing to plant a church one day, he is serving us by developing other worship leaders and musicians, cultivating our “hymnal,” and by prayerfully designing the order and flow of our gatherings. 



Jerry Cunningham
Deacon of Hospitality 
Jerry has a passion for hospitality, including integrating every man, woman and child into our church family. He leads our “NEXT” meetings twice a month, which are designed to help newcomers feel welcome, get to know our church family, and find ways to get connected into the life of the body. Jerry also faithfully serves on our Prayer Response team.



Kristen Stone
Ministry of Mercy Deacon
Kristen cares for our community through crisis care and mercy ministry, serving in seasons of grief and mourning, honoring “tender dates” throughout the year, and leading our teams in merciful care for the hurting.



Kristie Walstrum
Soul Care Deacon
Kristie leads our mom’s group, offering safe and life-giving spaces for women in this important phase of life. Additionally, Kristie has served as a mentor and lay counselor through discipleship, and also serves faithfully on our Prayer Response team.



Liz Heinitz
Operations Board Deacon
Liz faithfully serves as a wise voice of leadership representing the Wrigleyville congregation at our Missio Dei Centralized Operations Board. Additionally, she uses her gift of hospitality to serve and equip our congregation, and serves as a mentor especially in transition seasons.



Michael Concepcion 
Deacon of Prayer
Michael serves our prayer ministries by engaging and developing our various spaces dedicated to prayer. Specifically, we have an open 9 a.m. prayer meeting each week before the gathering where we cover our community and gathering in prayer. And we have a specific team of people who commit to pray over people during our response time each week. Michael faithfully serves, leads and equips the people of prayer at Missio Dei Wrigleyville.


Rachel Blessman
MD Kids Director
Rachel serves faithfully in our MD Kids ministry, leading and directing our MD Kids serving teams and stewarding our mission for children and families as we partner with parents to show and tell the good news of JESUS to our kids. She has a heart to see the children in our community loved, to see them intentionally discipled in JESUS and included in the life of our church, and also to equip and support all those who invest in our Missio Dei Kids. 


Stephanie Cunningham
Deacon of Evangelism 
Stephanie has a passion for evangelism and outreach. She faithfully leads our “You Are Loved” events, bringing our church family into neighborhood events and spaces with the vision to demonstrate, be and speak the love of God to our city. Stephanie also faithfully serves on our Prayer Response team.



Tina Anderson
Justice Team Deacon
Tina oversees our Justice Team, leading our conversations and education as we pursue the heart of God for the vulnerable and oppressed. Within this team, she also helps us to explore and enter into systemic issues which plague our city, enabling us for engagement, participation and godly activism. 

Todd Seely
Deacon of Facilities
Todd leads with a servant’s heart, faithfully caring for and managing our beloved building. In addition to making this a welcoming, clean, and memorable space for all who enter (either on Sundays or on special events), he oversees our Audio team, making sure that all things sonically function in a way that opens up space for a meaningful encounter with God and one another.