The Interruption

Nathan Stanton   -  

We move through the world on time and each moment scheduled. But the process takes longer than we can possibly imagine. It comes in increments not solidly created blocks. We are a work in progress that waits for the perfect moment. Well, ideally we would grow this way. Yet life is lived as if it always needs to be on time and we become frustrated with the tangents. The interruptions that take away from the regularly scheduled programs. The unexpected death, pestilence and inconvenience standing behind the nearest obstacle waiting to pop out at the least expected moment and take us all for a loop. Isn’t there another option? How could it possibly work to treat interruption as a welcome visitor and embrace the aberrations of life creating a new branch on which unexpected fruit will form. We fight against the current and find a life that feels out of control. What about letting the current take us understanding we have been prepared by God for the moment we stand in no matter what? This is what history feels like at this moment. The war in Ukraine, Roe v. Wade possibly being overturned not to mention the ongoing global pandemic that is COVID. Us wealthy westerners have had to figure out the hard way that we cannot control all the things we believed we could. As our resources and understanding increase with age so does the notion that our external circumstances can be planned and managed ahead of time. This makes the muscle that governs improvisation, our hearts, weak. Instead we live in the place of theory in fear from what could happen instead of imagining a passion that leads us boldly into an unexpected future. In actuality the interruption is an invitation wrapped in an inconvenience. An unexpected opportunity for growth that promises we will find a new interest or even aid the discovery of a new passion. God is in the aberration or interruption we desperately want to avoid, may we take His hand and walk on this beautiful journey called life more abundantly, together.