Missio Dei

Welcome to Wrigleyville

Church isn’t a Sunday morning service. It is a family desiring to join GOD in HIS renewal in Chicago. As a family of JESUS living in Chicago, we believe our Sunday Gatherings are an opportunity to connect with community, to be reminded again and again of the grace of GOD for broken people, and to imagine together what it might look like to join GOD as HE makes all things new in us, in our neighborhoods, and throughout our world.

Let's Help One Another

We are truly better together. We'd like to work to connect those that have need with those that can help. Please fill out this form if you need help or can offer help to those in need. Our team will process your request in a timely manner and will respond back to you as quickly as possible with any potential next steps. Let's all embrace kindness, compassion, and love.

Join Us Online

We are providing a shared liturgy on Sundays at 10am on YouTube in lieu of our normal worship gathering at 1242 W Addison. In this way, we will go on being the church even as we modify some of our rhythms for the sake of our neighbors.