James: Playing Favorites – Dave VanWinkle – 8.16.2020
Dave Van Winkle   -  

As we journey through the book of James, we’ve created a guide to help dive deeper and into my more consistency with engagement of scripture, your heart and Jesus. We hope this guide will enrich you as we journey through the letter of James over the summer. The book of James combines the wisdom of Jesus with the wisdom of Proverbs to call followers of Jesus to live fully devoted to God. The book is filled with wisdom and frequently references the Sermon on the Mount. In the introduction, James presents the words and themes that are used throughout the letter. He doesn’t teach new theology, but challenges followers of Jesus in how to think, speak and act in accordance with the way of Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. These challenges are full of metaphors and easily memorized one-liners. When a follower of Jesus listens to and follows God’s Word they love God and others more fully. They find that their words and actions match and that their life is full and complete.

To follow along with the guide, please visit http://miss.io/guide