Parable of the Prodigal Sons– 6.27.2021 – Brandon Blessman
Brandon Blessman   -  

We desire for Missio Dei Uptown to be a community that redefines the image of church in our context. After Jesus rose from the dead, He left a community of believers where God’s power was constantly on display. These people loved their neighbors radically and shared their lives with one another. They told of their struggles and failures openly, served one another, gave freely, and lived courageously. People from all over came together to worship Jesus and offer the world a vision of life so beautiful that many would leave everything to follow Jesus. We too believe that Jesus is life. Jesus offers a life of grace, forgiveness, freedom, joy, and community that we hope define our church. We are a church where everyone is welcome and where the good news of Jesus is transforming our lives. This belief leads us to the broken places, engaging people with this new life and boldly proclaiming the love of Jesus that stands above everything else.

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