At this point in the winter, most of us start to feel the longing for rebirth. Outside our windows, we see the cold and snowy days stretching out before us, with gray skies and bare trees. Winter is lovely, but after a bit, we long for signs of spring. It’s a fitting image for this season in the Church calendar which we call “Lent.”
Lent is a period of time for preparation and reflection leading up to Resurrection Sunday. This winter season, where we cannot fast forward to spring flowers, mirrors our position in the life of the Church. Resurrection Sunday is a joyful celebration of the resurrection life that we get to experience through the astounding work of God through Jesus Christ. Yes, we long for that celebration and the hope and renewal that it represents! But we cannot fast forward lest we miss the beautiful, formative work that happens in the anticipatory preparation through this season of Lent.
Our series “Longing for Rebirth” will follow a pathway similar to the process of baptism rebirth, mimicking the death and rebirth we experience as followers of Jesus, and his own death and resurrection. We acknowledge our need for Christ, we confess our shortcomings, we turn back to God, we submerge into symbolic death and we are raised into new life.

Resurrection life.

We pray that this resource serves to encourage and equip you to intentionally engage with this season, both individually and collectively within your congregation.