Week Seven Practice

Seeing & Naming

Seeing & Naming

In the story of Jesus & the Demonized man, we see Jesus is the anointed one to do good and set us free from oppressive forces. Before we begin our practice, let’s first dispel a few myths regarding praying to be delivered from the attack or bondage of the enemy. 

Myth 1: If I am not delivered through a time of prayer or ministry, I did not have enough faith. The reality is that God may not always do what we desire, but faith is an expression of trust in God’s goodness, power, and presence. 

Myth 2: Mental illness is caused by demonic forces. The reality is mental illness has a relationship with our family history, biology, and environment. It is not caused by demonic forces.

Myth 3: Demons can control a believer. The reality is there are no examples of demons possessing a believer. In fact, you are possessed by the Spirit. 

There is a lot to explore with demonic forces, but for this practice of Seeing and Naming our Demons, we want to loosen up our labels a bit and spend less time fixating on labels of what is demonic and what is not, and focus on the issues that plague us. Naming and Seeing our obsessions, fears, illnesses, or common problems for what they are rather than ignoring them is a liberating practice that Jesus used to free this man from his torment in Luke 8. This man had been operating out of the names that other people had written for him (“My name is Legion, for we are many”). Until we can name the issues tormenting us, see them, and observe them for what they are, we cannot be fully healed from them. The power of naming the demon is a weapon at our disposal. The moment we have enough courage to name the demon beholding us is the day we can be liberated and see those strongholds loosen their grip on us.


Spend some time exploring where to focus your energy through these questions below. Give space between each step to listen to yourself and God. 

Step 1: Naming

  • What fear am I fixated on? 
  • What is draining me or pressing me down? 
  • What incident has disrupted my mental and emotional space recently? 
  • You can work on an old issue that keeps coming up, a persistent fear, addiction, chronic pain, or feeling and reaction about a situation or person, a relationship or money. 
  • Sometimes you will notice strong resistance on certain topics. We would suggest you work on that one as it may be more destructive to your well being. 
  • Name the issue. (Jesus asked the man, “What is your name?”)

Step 2: Seeing

  • See the issue with more observation. This might look like playing a movie in your head of the situation occurring. It might be rehearsing. For the creative and imaginative, you may want to personify the issue into a figure of sorts. The point of this step is ACCEPTANCE. The more we can spend time observing the issue with a non-judgmental stance, the more we can be freed from its power.
  • Ponder these questions, “What does this issue want from you or for you?” “What is it promising you?” How would you feel if it delivered on it’s promise?” 
  • For example, if you are struggling with self control with substance use, ask yourself, “What does this substance really want from me or for me?” Ask yourself, “What is it promising me?”

Step 3: Invite the Spirit 

Now invite the Holy Spirit to come and stand with you as your advocate and helper. Once you feel a connection with God’s presence, be it big or small, ask the Holy Spirit: 

“Will you help me?” Pause and listen. 

“Will you protect me?” Pause and listen. 

Take note of anything you sense or hear God say. 

Step 4: Rest 

Rest in the presence of God. Pause until your mind feels at ease or begins to wander into other subjects. Ask for Jesus to give you strength to be mindful of this issue you face and ask for his power to be strong in your life.  

Step 5: Journal
Reflect this week on what happened in this experience and where it might take you. 

  1. What steps of obedience might God be calling you to take as a result of naming and seeing the thing that often torments you?
  2. Whose help will you need to call upon to share more of where you are in dealing with this issue? 
  3. How can you continue to free yourself from any shame connected to the issue?