Humboldt Park Update

After 11 years of faithfully showing up, the leaders of MD Humboldt Park have listened to the prompting of the Spirit to close Missio Dei Humboldt Park. We celebrate the ministries of MD Humboldt Park that have built bridges to Jesus in many ways over the years.

What this congregation has experienced and witnessed over the years has been a display of God’s providence and provision. In the face of various challenges and difficult seasons, God has always found a way to provide fresh wind and fresh fire.

It may seem to some that a congregation having its final service means the fresh fire and wind are gone. However, fire and wind have their own way of moving and are difficult to tame. We are praying this God-given fire and Spirit-filled wind is present to each individual of MD Humboldt Park as they are sent out into the world to be stoked and fanned into greater Kingdom impact.

Today, we celebrate not an ending, but a new beginning as it is the individuals who make up the church who embody the Spirit of the church.

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