Albany Park

Welcome to Albany Park

We are a family of Jesus abiding in the presence, story, and work of God as we seek to make His all-encompassing love known to those around us. Our deepest longing is to see more and more people truly encounter the good news of Jesus in and through our devotion to one another and our faithful presence to Albany Park and beyond.

In-Person Sunday Gatherings

Time: 10am on Sundays

Meeting place: 3507 W Lawrence

  • Street Parking is available.

What to Expect:

All are welcome to come as you are! Our Sunday morning gatherings consist of friendship, prayer, liturgy, singing, preaching, and communion.

Children are celebrated in our church family. In MD Kids, space is made every week for children ages 0-10 to have fun, learn, and encounter the gospel in a way that makes sense to them.


Our Values


We affirm that every single person has immeasurable value because they are made in the image of God. Yet we live in a world where so many have their inherent dignity questioned & marred, often as the result of systemic injustices. In response, we will be a community of hope and action — seeking friendship and unity as we become reconcilers and advocate until all people in Chicago flourish.


We experience God’s restorative power flowing into and mending the broken and hurting places, and we join the stream of this grand renewal project by making known the all encompassing love of Jesus in our neighborhoods & city.


We are liberated through the person and work of Jesus to unceasingly experience the Spirit’s transformative power and presence, and as a distinct people marked by this freedom, we delight to behold and encounter the face of God as the Kingdom breaks in among us.

What We Do

Gospel Community

Missio Dei Albany Park exists as a congregation of Gospel Communities. These missional groups of ~8-15 people gather across the northwest side of Chicago to live out the way of Jesus in everyday life together. As the primary means of participation in the life of the body, our desire is for these groups to be a place where discipleship and evangelism become habits.

If you are interested in visiting or joining a GC near you, or if you just want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out below!

MD Kids

The vision of MD Kids is to partner with parents to show and tell the good news of Jesus to our kids. We strongly believe that children’s ministry is so much more than babysitting. At its heart, it’s about shepherding the next generation as we communicate the love of God to those who are so precious to Him.

Support Missio Dei
Albany Park

Thank you for supporting the mission and vision of Missio Dei Albany Park. Your generosity allows us all to live out the call God has put on our lives to be his hands and feet in Chicago. There are three ways to give as outlined below. If you have any questions, please contact us.


GIVE ONLINE – Option 1

  • Click the link above to give via our online church management system, Church Community Builder.
  • CCB provides a secure way to give via credit card, debit card or ACH (transfer of funds from a checking account).
  • No account is necessary to give a one time gift. If you’d like to set-up giving on regular schedule, register here to get started.


Click the link above or text the word GIVE to 815-854-4222. You will receive a text back with a link to a secure form to give via credit, debit card or ACH.

  • You can give a one-time gift or set-up a repeat gift via our Text to Give option powered by Kindrid.
  • If you make a mistake, you can text the word REFUND to 815-854-4222 within 15 minutes to refund the gift.
  • You can update your information, switch payment methods, or view your giving history at any time by texting EDIT to 815-854-4222.


  • Simply mail a check to Missio Dei Chicago, 1242 W Addison, Chicago, IL 60613.
  • Makes sure to put the appropriate memo on your check to help us allocate your gift properly.



If you’re interested in giving stock to Missio Dei Chicago, please contact us and we’ll discuss the process and what we are able to receive.