Resource Guides

Advent 2022

This Advent, use our devotional guide as an individual or with a group to deepen your experience with Immanuel, God with us.

The Gospel of Luke

Weekly guides for Spiritual practices and group discussion that flow from the Gospel of Luke

Lent: Longing for Rebirth

The 5 week series “Longing for Rebirth” will follow a pathway similar to the process of baptism rebirth, mimicking the death and rebirth we experience as followers of Jesus, and his own death and resurrection. We acknowledge our need for Christ, we confess our shortcomings, we turn back to God, we submerge into symbolic death and we are raised into new life.

Nehemiah: The Return

A 6-week series with weekly guides to engage with the book of Nehemiah

Advent: How the Light Gets In

A 4-week series to guide you through themes of hope, peace, joy, and love leading up to Christmas


A 10-week series with weekly and daily guides for thought, word, and deed through the book of James

Fruit of the Spirit

A 6-week series including guided discussion, prayer, and practices for a life that resists the desires of the flesh and lives into the desires of the Spirit