Our Story and Vision


We desire for Missio Dei Uptown to be a community that redefines the image of church in our context. After Jesus rose from the dead, He left a community of believers where God’s power was constantly on display. These people loved their neighbors radically and shared their lives with one another. They told of their struggles and failures openly, served one another, gave freely, and lived courageously. People from all over came together to worship Jesus and offer the world a vision of life so beautiful that many would leave everything to follow Jesus. We too believe that Jesus is life. Jesus offers a life of grace, forgiveness, freedom, joy, and community that we hope define our church. We are a church where everyone is welcome and where the good news of Jesus is transforming our lives. This belief leads us to the broken places, engaging people with this new life and boldly proclaiming the love of Jesus that stands above everything else.

Our church began in February, 2014 with a just a couple dozen people. Though we have learned so much during these past couple years, our vision hasn’t changed. It is to join God in the renewal of Uptown! We desire to be a multicultural church where people from any background, age, gender, and race can participate in a reconciling community of faith. Our vision is to see the renewal break through all across the neighborhood and currently have focused our efforts up and down Lawrence Avenue.

We would love for you to join us!


Children's ministry check-in open from 9:45-10:15am. Parking is available at Chicago's Lakeshore Hospital 850 W Lawrence Avenue.


Our Vision Framework

THE MISSION // what we do
  • Making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood
THE VISION // where we are going
  • Joining GOD as HE makes all things new
THE VALUES // what guides us
  • Renewal
    • Our hearts yearn to see the life of GOD invade and transform the broken places
  • Honor
    • We choose to recognize the dignity of each person, caring for and upholding them as people who matter to GOD
  • Freedom
    • We long to boldly be who GOD has made us to be - unhindered by limitations and unafraid of change, failure, or fun


Our Team

David Van Winkle

Dave is a Pastor and Elder at Missio Dei Uptown. At eighteen Dave became captivated by Jesus and his life has never been the same. In 2010 after working in Student Ministries in southeastern Michigan for five years, Dave and his wife Sara moved to Chicago to finish graduate school and eat lots of Thai food. In February 2014 he helped start Missio Dei Uptown with many of the best people on the planet.
Dave loves this church for so many reasons. The simplest way of putting it is that there are more talented, wealthy, successful, and powerful people that churches are filled with, but never has he been around people this genuine, kind, and faithful to Jesus. The people here live with a purpose and passion for the abundant life Jesus brings for themselves and Uptown.

Carolyn Marcotte
Outreach Director

Carolyn Marcotte is the Outreach and Worship Director at Missio Dei Uptown. She is a native of the Twin Cities but has called Chicago home for the past 5 years. Since moving to Chicago she has always lived in or near Uptown and cannot imagine living anywhere else, it is the greatest place on earth! The radical love she has witnessed here continues to draw her heart and the hearts of many others to this special family of believers. This church truly accepts everyone as they are, where they are. It is the most unique and diverse family she has ever been a part of, a little glimpse of heaven on earth. She is honored to be a part of a team that is chasing after the heart of Jesus in this neighborhood, loving everyone with the same love that gripped and changed her heart many years ago. This neighborhood is truly a special place, specifically the people and the pizza of Uptown.