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Missio Dei Uptown

Our Heart is to Love and to Serve

In short, to emulate JESUS. We have several ministries available, and we're always looking for opportunities to serve our family and our neighborhood in new ways!


Alden Lakeland

Alden Lakeland is a nursing home down the street from the church. On Sunday we have a team that wheels and walks residents to church. On Saturdays we host a bible study with the residents. This is a time for us to enjoy donuts, coffee, and share the word of God!

Mom’s Group

This group meets Thursday eveninggs during the school year. This group is a place for women (moms and non-moms) to find deep friendship and encouragement as they seek the Lord together.

Men’s Bible Study

This group of men meet once a week in the morning to be shaped by the scriptures and challenge one another to follow Jesus in every aspect of life.

Open House

Wednesday nights we open the church for anyone in Uptown. We offer pizza and a bible study for everyone. Some nights we have up to 80 people who attend Open House who are not part of our church! We hope to start Open House in the fall!

Family Dinner

These dinners are spaces for anyone to come and enjoy a meal together on Sunday evenings. These meals are an amazing place to make new friends and get more connected. If you like to eat and meet new people, this is the place to do it. We hope to restart family dinners in the fall!

Formation Courses

Courses are offered in 4-6 week segments and help shape us as we learn to follow Jesus and live by the power of the Spirit.

Young Adult Group

This community meets for monthly meals and events and is a great place for those looking for deeper roots in Chicago.

Missio Dei Youth

We love middle school students and provide an awesome opportunity for them to grow in faith on Sunday mornings and in friendship through monthly events.

Missio Dei Kids

We are passionate about providing a safe and fun environment where kids learn to follow Jesus and build friendships with peers and loving adults.

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