Missio Dei Wrigleyville

Our Story

Missio Dei Chicago began in 2008 with a heart to see people find a love and passion for Jesus and His work of renewal in our world. In light of that desire, our mission is very simple...make disciples of Jesus. This is our mission because it is Jesus’ mission. This is...Missio Dei.

We are convinced that the Gospel changes people, and that this change happens best in the context of relationships. For this reason, Missio Dei is a church of Gospel communities doing life together throughout the week. Then on Sundays, these Gospel Communities come together to worship as neighborhood congregations in five different locations.

In our Sunday Gatherings and Gospel Communities, you will find those who have journeyed with Jesus for a long time, those who have strayed from Him and returned, and those who are just now learning there is a journey to be had. Wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to join us.

Our Mission & Vision

Making disciples of JESUS neighborhood by neighborhood, joining GOD as HE makes all things new.

Our Values


We experience God’s restorative power flowing into and mending the broken and hurting places, and we join the stream of this grand renewal project by making known the all encompassing love of JESUS in our neighborhoods & city.


We affirm that every single person has immeasurable value because they are made in the image of God. Yet we live in a world where so many have their inherent dignity questioned & marred, often as the result of systemic injustices. In response, we will be a community of hope and action — seeking friendship and unity as we become reconcilers and advocate until all people in Chicago flourish.


We are liberated through the person and work of Jesus to unceasingly experience the Spirit's transformative power and presence, and as a distinct people marked by this freedom, we delight to behold and encounter the face of God as the Kingdom breaks in among us.

Response to Racial Injustice

We lament. We grieve. We are angry and disturbed and we say Black Lives Matter, here in our church, in our city, in our nation. Yet the sin of racism has a terrible grip.

Our Team

Melissa Pillman

Wrigleyville Elder

Sunghae Kim

Wrigleyville Elder

Lucas Wright

Wrigleyville Elder

Sam Tinken

Pastor of Outreach and Engagement

Meagan Kennedy

MD Kids Director

Shannon Tinken

Women's Ministry Deacon

Aaron Caid

Global Partnership Deacon

David Jemison

Connections Deacon

Kristen Stone

Ministry of Mercy Deacon

Catherine Kesman

Prayer Ministries Deacon

Jade Okamoto

Connections Deacon

Rebecca Wright

Leadership Health Deacon

Ali Seely

Ministry of Mercy Deacon

Todd Seely

Deacon of Facilities

Worship Leaders

Merq Belongilot, Steve Madete, Lucas Wright, Chloe Belongilot, Emily Knurr (left to right)

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