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Our Heart is to Love and to Serve

Our heart is to emulate Jesus in all that we do. Find out about the ways our community is joining God in the renewal of our neighborhood, city and world and consider partnering with us!

Our Family

Below are some of the ways we commune as a family of Jesus. Each of these ministries and practices are integral to the way God is shaping and forming us to be wholly devoted to one another as unto Christ.

Gospel Community

The Christian journey is not meant to be walked alone. In these groups of 10-20 people, we are joining God in the renewal of all things and experiencing spiritual formation along the way.

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MD Kids

The mission of MD Kids is to partner with parents to show and tell the good news of Jesus to our kids. Our aim is to shepherd the children of Missio Dei Wrigleyville by intentionally stewarding the time we have, no matter the context.

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Sunday Teams

Our Sunday teams exist to serve the body of Christ in the context of corporate worship. Our prayer is that every person who walks in the door would be met with the warmth, love, and joy of Christ as we join together to make much of Him.

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Barnabas Fund

The Barnabas fund exists to tangibly assist those in financial need within the Missio Dei family; meeting individuals where they are by providing encouragement and blessing, pointing toward truth, and directing toward biblical stewardship.

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Community Nights

Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for an evening of food & fellowship at 1242 W Addison, from 6 to 8pm. Come whenever you are able, all are welcome!

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Jesus invites us to come to him, put on his easy yoke, and learn to walk in his ways. Formations at Missio Dei Wriglevyille consists of cohorts, workshops, and practices that deepen our formation in the way of Jesus.

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Mission & Partnerships

These are a few of our ministries oriented toward seeking justice and the proclamation of the gospel in Chicago, as well as organizations we have partnered with to sow seeds of the Kingdom all over the world.


The goal is simple: to help people see and know they are deeply and dearly loved. This might mean cooking a meal for those who are hungry or handing out water bottles and speaking words of life at a neighborhood festival. No matter the context, our desire is to love people in very tangible ways.

Neighborhood Outreach

Our desire is to be a congregation that actively seeks the well-being of our neighborhood. With that desire in mind, we have partnered with Blaine Elementary and House of the Good Shepherd to assist in meeting the needs of kids and those without a home in Lakeview.

The Oasis - Guatemala

Missio Dei Wrigleyville has partnered with The Oasis -- a Kids Alive ministry that works to reconcile girls that have been rescued from abusive environments to GOD, themselves and their families -- by sending teams each year and financially supporting the work they so faithful do. Watch the video below to hear a snippet of Erin Claxton's experience on one of our trips and consider joining in the mission!

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Partners Relief & Development

Missio Dei Wrigleville is proud to team with Partners Relief and Development as they seek to bring “free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.” Starting in 1995, they have been laboring in Myanmar and most recently the Middle East to provide emergency provision during times of acute crisis. Click the link to below to find out more.

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Team World Vision

Each year, men and women in our congregation partner with Team World Vision to provide clean water to those all over the world who do not have access to it. This happens through dedicated fundraising during marathon training. We invite you to learn more and consider being apart for this year’s Chicago marathon!

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