Jesus invites us to come to him, put on his easy yoke, and learn to walk in his ways. But how? In the midst of a noisy, distracted, and hurried world, it is harder than ever to slow down and focus on the loving, peaceful, and restful life that we find in Jesus. That is why Formations at Missio Dei Wriglevyille exists. Formations consists of cohorts, workshops, and practices that deepen our formation in the way of Jesus. Upcoming Formations along with resources from previous Formations can be viewed below.

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The Fasting Cohort: Beginning February 2024

Registration available now.

What if we are missing out on one of Jesus’ most essential practices? Fasting awakens our body and soul to our deep hunger and need for God. It’s one of the most powerful — and neglected — of all of Jesus’ practices.

In these four sessions, we will explore the practice of fasting as a way to:

– Offer Ourselves to Jesus

– Grow in Holiness

– Amplify Our Prayers

– Stand with the Poor

When: Sundays 11:30am – 12:30pm
February 18th, 25th, March 3rd, and 10th 

Where: 1242 W Addison Street

Cost: $14 covers the cost of the printed companion guide. This is optional because the guide can also be viewed digitally.


Registration will remain open until the first session, but please register by midnight on Sunday, Feb 11th, to ensure your book arrives before the first session.

Contact Sam Tinken ( with any questions.

Solitude Resources

Our recommended reading for the practice of Solitude is Invitation to Solitude and Silence: Experiencing God’s Transforming Presence by Ruth Haley Barton.

For podcasts, we recommend the Rule of Life podcast series on Solitude.

Sabbath Resources

Sabbath Resources


And for families, here is a one page guide with 5 ways to practice sabbath with kids!
Prayer Resources


Prayer Resources



Scripture Resources
  1. The Bible Project — free videos online to help explain books or themes in the Bible.
  2. Bible Recap — reading plan and tool to help explain the Bible in accessible ways (available as a book or podcast).
  3. YouVersion Bible App — free app with many Bible versions (also audio option) and reading plans.
  4. “The Bible Unwrapped” — a good starting place if you struggle to even know how to engage with scripture or understand what the Bible is.
  5. Study Bibles (ex: Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible or Faithlife Study Bible) — give commentary and background information alongside scripture to help teach as you read.
  6. Streetlights Bible App — the Bible in spoken word, very upbeat and engaging to listen to.