Gospel Communities

Through looking at who Jesus is and why he came and how he carried out His mission, we believe that life change happens in the context of relationships that are centered around Jesus’ mission in our world. Based on this belief, Missio Dei exists as a church of Gospel Communities. It’s through these groups of 10-20 people doing life together and abiding by Jesus teachings, we are joining God as He makes all things new and seeing lives change as we go. These groups of 10-20 people meet in homes throughout the city joining God to make all things new. It is here we fully embrace our new identity in Christ.

We believe that sustained life-change happens within the context of community. And so in keeping with who JESUS is, why HE came, and how HE carried out HIS mission, Missio Dei exists as a church of gospel communities. It's through these groups of 10-15 people, meeting in homes during the week throughout the city, that we are joining GOD as HE makes all things new. Our dream is to be missional outposts in the midst of where we live and play as we experience the power of the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST together.

Bridgeport | Mondays 6:30pm


Who & When & Where

Elise Scribano, Amanda and Aaron LaMonica-Weier

31st & Halsted

Mondays at 6:30pm

Spiritual Culture

As a community of followers of Jesus living on the south and west sides of Chicago, we seek to be bridges of reconciliation across neighborhood boundaries. We spend time in thoughtful discussion about scripture, today’s cultural struggles, and how to live our faith in our personal contexts. Our hope is to see each other grow in understanding of, connection with, and identity in God’s love.

Current Demographic

Our age ranges from mid-twenties to early thirties comprised of a mix of singles and couples.

Belden | Wednesdays 6:30pm


Who & When & Where

Beau and Jessica Pieniak  /

1315 W. Belden

Wednesday nights @ 6:30

Spiritual Culture

We are a family doing life together and inviting those into the family all the time Because of who Jesus is…. We are missionaries sent to love our neighborhood and share the good news of God’s story Because of who Jesus is….. We are learners being transformed by the gospel and being equipped to be disciples of Jesus who make disciples Because of who Jesus is… We are servants blessing our neighbors with acts of kindness and generosity Everything we do as Gospel Communities is in the rhythm of our new identity and designed to encourage and equip us to walk in it. This is happening with those who are new to the faith, been walking in the faith for years or those exploring for the first time the claims of Jesus. As more disciples are made and more families grow, new Gospel Communities are formed and they continue in the mission of Jesus throughout the city. We are more than just another voice of reason or bearers of good counsel. We are the space of which heaven and earth overlap, “shining like a city on a hill”, Jesus said. We are the place where God is making His loving appeal until the kingdom of God comes to Chicago as it is in heaven.

Edgewater | Tuesdays 7pm


Who & When & Where

Jason & Joy Scoggins

Tuesdays @ 7p

There are 2 possible locations: Broadway & Hollywood or Clark & Ridge
contact us for more information!

Spiritual Culture

Our rhythm and content flow out of the fact that we are a relatively stable and committed group.  We share the leading of content that encourages growth in our identity as children of GOD, brothers and sisters in CHRIST, and missionaries in the City of Chicago.

Current Demographic

Mostly married couples, a couple of families with young children.  We are relatively “older” for our church, with most over the age of 30 and with wide-ranging careers from ministry to business.

Sheridan Rd & Broadway St | Wednesday 6-8pm

Sheridan Rd & Broadway St

Who & When & Where

Josh & Dana Penley

Wednesday @ 6-8pm

Spiritual Culture

We facilitate and lead a YoungLife program for 6-8th grade kids each week with the goal of gaining the kids trust so we can tell them about Jesus.

Current Demographic  |

Our GC is young professionals, mix of singles and couples, who are passionate about sharing Jesus with the middle school kids in our neighborhood.

Ashland Ave & Addison St | Sundays 5:30pm

Ashland Ave & Addison St

Who & When & Where

Jameson & Allison Allen

Sundays @ 5:30pm

Spiritual Culture

We focus on living sacrificially for one another and how that can impact our neighborhoods and city. We’re highly relational in that we often focus on our own relationship building & fellowship over structured studies and disciplines. At the same time, our commitment to growing in our faith is what drives the relationship-building. Every week: expect a good meal and good conversation. Some weeks: we’ll take a more structured dive into a recent sermon or book, spending time in discussion, asking meaningful questions, or in prayer.

Current Demographic

Beautiful, diverse mix of families, couples, and singles, all of various ages. We’re also distinctly diverse in terms of our nationalities, with folks who grew up in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America & Central America. We love having the vast range in ages, backgrounds, and life stages, and the varied perspectives that range brings to our family.

Southport Ave & Grace St | Thursday 6:30pm-9pm

Southport Ave & Grace St

Who & When & Where

Julie Merz

Thursdays 7:00PM – 9:00PM

Spiritual Culture

Our GC is a close knit, family of believers that are continually growing and learning what it means to walk through life in Christ both personally and collectively. We daily seek to love on one another as sisters and brothers in Christ in our vulnerabilities, brokenness, joys, and peace. As a family we share in the brokenness of the world around us as well as praise and worship the glory of God’s greatness throughout the week.

Current Demographic

Our age ranges from early twenties to early thirties comprised of a nearly equal balance of singles and married couples

Addison & California | Thursday 7pm

Addison & California

Who, When & Where

Jerry and Stephanie Cunningham

Thursday @ 7pm

Spiritual Culture

We usually share a meal together and take time to intentionally pour into each other, and Love each other as God loves us. We spend time in prayer and worship. We aspire to be a community that fully does life together.

Current Demographic

We range from 20’s to 50’s

Addison & Marshfield | Mondays 7-9pm

Addison & Marshfield

Who & When & Where

Karly Murphy and Cori Davis
Mondays 7-9pm
Grace & Broadway or Lincoln & Wilson

Spiritual Culture

Aside from sharing a meal and officially meeting together once a week, we aspire for our GC to do life together in all ways. Our GC is all about learning as a community how to better love God and how to better love one another. We do this in part by working to discover each of our unique gifts and learning how we can best use these gifts to serve each other and the broader community.

Current Demographic

Our group is primarily single young professionals/students in our 20s or early 30s.