Learn More about Missio Dei Wrigleyville In-Person Services

Sundays at 10am

It’s hard to believe that it has almost been a year since we met in our own sanctuary at 1242! While this year has been challenging for all of us, we are grateful for your patience and support while we tried to shift and adjust course to navigate different phases. Starting in July 2020, we made various attempts to be able to safely gather together outdoors, and moved indoors to our basement (for safe cleaning) when the weather was bad. We were just starting to create a phased approach to meeting in larger numbers when the second surge hit, and we had to put those plans on hold.


Throughout this time, we have been watching the news, talking with other pastors, and discussing options with our leadership team. We are excited to share that we have crafted a plan to begin meeting in our sanctuary again on Sunday, March 14 at 10am — one year from when we had to start sheltering in place! Even as we make this move, rest assured that we know this timing will not be right for everyone, so the virtual options will remain open as well. We want to be sure no one is left out as we start moving back to in-person gatherings.


Allow us to share a few bits of information that influenced this decision, and then we will get to logistics.

  • Positivity rates are going down for our neighborhoods and for the city as a whole (you can see rates here). The vaccine is currently being given out to people 65 and older as well as many other essential workers. We recognize that many of you are not in that age bracket but a primary concern has always been what this virus could do to those most vulnerable. 
  • Worship gatherings are permitted for 50 people or less. We remain committed to following city guidelines to consider not only our own safety, but the wellness of everyone in our community.

Our sanctuary has plenty of room to accommodate up to 50 people with safe social distancing. We will require those that want to attend to sign up and we will turn away those who are feeling ill. Some logistics to note:

  • We will have families sit together (we are not yet ready to relaunch MD Kids, but we will have activity bags), 
  • We will usher groups (families or “pod units”) to their seats to ensure social distance, and hand out individualized communion elements at that time,
  • We will require the congregation to remain masked through the service, which will look like a shorter version of our “normal” services with worship sung over us (either no singing from congregation or soft whisper max while masked), shortened sermon and communion,
  • We will ask that people refrain from hugs or after-service socializing in the building. 

While these measures seem restrictive, they feel like the safe first step to gathering and worshipping together in person!

Safety Precautions

We want to be clear about the health procedures we are taking for our services on Sunday mornings. Below are the procedures for the service:

  • Sign-ups each week and ask people not to come if sick
  • 50 or less people can come and be in main sanctuary with check-ins at the front door.
  • Temperatures checked at the door
  • Masks are required for anyone over 2 years old
  • Cleaning before service, including chairs, tables, door knobs, etc.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer available for anyone to use
  • No shared coffee or communion
  • Individual communion cups will be handed out upon arrival.
  • Ushers will guide people towards socially distanced seating
  • Limited congregational singing. We are asking people to see our worship time as a chance to have praise sung over us, or to sing along in a whisper while masked.
  • Limited sharing of microphones
  • Communication to those attending if anyone has COVID-19 after the service.