Sunday Teams

Our Sunday teams exist to serve the body of Christ in the context of corporate worship. Our prayer is that every person who walks in the door would be met with the warmth, love, and joy of Christ and the Missio Dei Wrigleyville Family.

Because we are a family, we desire our worship gatherings to feel like home. From playing music, to making coffee, to serving communion, we each have a role to play as we gather to worship our loving God.


This team has a servant’s heart to make everyone entering our space feel welcomed and loved. They brew morning coffee, set out communion elements, welcome visitors and congregants, and create a fun space for after-service fellowship. If you have a heart for hospitality, a willingness to serve, and a desire to welcome people with God’s heart for radical inclusion, then this is the team for you!


There is a lot of technology that goes into making our Sunday gatherings happen, both in person and on-line. This team has the faithful willingness to serve behind the scenes (and behind a screen!) to run slides, run Facebook Live, run the sound board, and set up the stage for worship. This is a team for people who enjoy working behind the scenes, knowing that their faithfulness helps everyone to enter into worship of our Lord!

MD Kids

We are blessed to serve the young members of our church family, showing them the love of Jesus in ways that make sense to their various ages. Whether you’re a teacher or a helper, your faithful participation in MD Kids demonstrates to the children that they matter to you and they matter to Jesus, and their experience of His love is felt through our faithful service to them. Plus, this team is just downright FUN!


We believe that we are led into God’s presence through our worship teams each Sunday morning. Their faithful service is a fragrant offering to the Lord, and a gift to those of us who follow them into praise and worship. If you have experience and talent, either in song or with instruments, we invite you to serve the community in this way as we bring praise to God through music!